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MDPE pipes and fittings

MDPE pipe fitting selectionMDPE (Medium Denstity Polyethylene) is essentially a type of tough wearing plastic. Commonly these days, water pipes, gas pipes and fittings for both are made from MDPE - you may have seen the light blue material at road works or on building sites, though it does come in a variety of colours. In terms of water pipes and fittings, it comes in a wider range of shapes and sizes compared to traditional materials such as iron and copper and unlike its rivals it does not rust or decompose. This makes MDPE an attractive and workable alternative for underground piping and plumbing. Other benefits to MDPE include its resistance to shock (and subsequent fractures) and better performance in freezing weather conditions.

MDPE piping and pipe fittings are available from us in sizes of 20mm through to 63mm. We stock roll lengths of 25 metres to 150 metres. 63mm piping in 50 metre rolls are stocked, larger coils are to order if required.

MDPE pipingWe stock Plasson pipe fittings to fit MDPE water pipes and the older style, imperial sized alkathene (black) piping. Adapters to interconnect both types and onto other pipe work including copper and iron are available.

We stock a vast collection of MDPE adapters & connectors and any we do not have in are available to order. If you have some idea of what you want, then contact A1 Water Services with your requirements.